Seek/Sense/Share – The PKM circle of life!

Whilst bumbling through the murky mire of the World Wide Web this morning, I stumbled across this particular blog. This clearly articulated PKM blog post helped my sleep deprived cogs to get turning and be able to comprehend this useful (yet simple) tool.

It may have taken longer than it should have, but I have finally got my head around this whole PKM deal. I know that it is not that complicated (well now I do!), and I feel that it is a great tool in which to organise your study/work/social life.

The following is my interpretation of the Seek/Sense/Share model

Seek: The vital element that helps you to identify how and where to find a whole bunch if relative information. For me, this became super simple once I started to scribble them down (just like the above link).

Sense: What you do with all this information is the ‘sense’ component. What do you do with all this incoming information? Organise it all into little ticky-tacky boxes of course! (I bet that song is now stuck in your head). This element, I believe, allocates the when and why aspects of self organisation. Traditionally this used to be in the form of the ‘Favourites’ toolbar of my desktop, now thanks to the introduction of Diigo and Feedly… Hello newly tech savvy me!!

Share: The final element that I guess gives purpose to all of this is the ‘Share’ element or what I shall call the ‘do’ element. After collecting and collating said information it is time to DO something with it! Perhaps (like me) you will feed it right back through the same channels from which you received it, but with your own twist on its usefulness – the PKM circle of life!


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